Updates for my time at Draeger

Working on adding a ‘draeger’ section to my ‘places I’ve worked’ (https://ninecrows.com/career/sample-page/places-ive-worked/) tab on my site to provide some extended detail on my time building cross platform, cryptographic support for the Infinity Network products and deploying that code and the key management piece into the six distinct products running on four different operating systems and two CPU architectures there.

Still a work in progress as I’m trying to include as much information about my work as possible without crossing the line and revealing any proprietary information. Most of the high level details involve off the shelf protocols and algorithms so I’m confident I can put together an interesting page without disclosing any proprietary information. Stay tuned 🙂

I also did a bit of structural clean-up on the existing sections. Hoping to have the Draeger section up by the end of the weekend and next week add in a page describing my thoughts on a multicast encryption design that would be appropriate for more modern hardware and software that is capable of using public key algorithms instead of being restricted the use of pre-shared keys and older algorithms.

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