Groove Networks

After Tektronix pulled out of the broadband telecom market, I spent a year working for Groove Networks in Beverly, MA.


Groove Networks was a pure software company selling a highly encrypted networked information sharing solution to individuals and corporations. I came on board as a principal software engineer working on the enterprise server product that allowed many shared spaces to be securely integrated with both corporate data systems and many other shared spaces

The system was heavily threaded and built on a mix of C++ and topleft (2)javascript using COM technology for modularity and interoperability.


I came on board as a principal software engineer and the technical lead for the enterprise integration server (EIS). This product bridged the world of distributed information sharing that the main desktop Groove client provided into the world of enterprise data. An EIS server acted as an endpoint where automated scripts could exchange data between Groove ‘shared spaces’ accessible to the distributed clients and large enterprise data stores (Oracle, SQL Server and such). This allowed employees in the field to share information that was connected to internal corporate data stores through secure connections. Offline updates would be synchronized with the main servers whenever the client systems reconnected to the network allowing great flexibility in the field.

Eventually the long commute and deteriorating business conditions lead to my leaving Groove to join Oni Medical Systems in Wilmington, MA.

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