New topics and books…

I’ve been doing various catch up and refresher reading lately. I picked up the latest edition of Effective Java, Effective C# and More Effective C# to update my garbage collected environments programming. I’ve got to put together a few toy projects to get a bit more refresher in soon. I’ve written a little swing UI code some time ago but I want to do a bit more and get a better look at javafx to see what Oracle is putting forth there.

I’ve also been digging in a little deeper into QT as one opportunity that I’ve been presented would involve some QT programming.

I try to keep myself broad-based (with areas of intense focus) and I like to do these sorts of things periodically in any case. A job search makes for a good opportunity for a bunch of short but aggressive excuses to investigate new and interesting technologies in any case.

Android is also hanging out there somewhere, but at the moment I’m getting wound up in the details of the base language features and run-time libraries. I’ll almost certainly get around to some Android work once I’ve hit the high points on this current round of stuff.