C/C++ Open Source Projects of interest…

At this point, I’m looking to have buildable trees for a range of interesting projects. Not sure whether I’ll get involved actively in any of these, but I’d like the code around and to be able to take a close look at it.

I’m trying to put together a decently comprehensive list so I’ll have somewhere to go look when I want something that is better than googling and scratching my head. I’m generally including both the main site page and a link to the main github page for the project. There may be an occasional subversion link, but most of the projects I’m seeing use git.

I’m also rather interested in the node.js server and javascript engine code and free-standing browser code. Firefox seems to be the obvious target on the browser front. I’d very much like to play with building a browser-like agent that can find information on the internet that its owner would find interesting. In order to make that work cleanly, I’d expect that it would need to be a machine controlled browser. It would want to be in a position to observe the ‘screen’ as if it were a human browsing rather than trying to assemble things from the perspective of the raw source data.