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Perl/TkMastering Perl/Tk

Combining the power and inscrutability of perl with the UI tools of Tk…what’s not to like…

GIS for Web DevelopersGIS for Web Developers

Another view of GIS that I bought to get an idea of how to adapt GIS concepts to a gaming support tool.

LAN Time Guide to SQLLAN Times Guide to SQL

An early book on SQL bought when I was working to put together a small DICOM image archive (PACS) to support Howtek’s xray film scanner. Now a bit dated but not bad for limited quick reference.

Database SystemsAn Introduction to Database Systems, Sixth Edition

A broader overview of the world of databases. Also bought back in Howtek days to get up to speed on things database.

There is now an eighth edition.

Sonet and T1SONET & T1: Architecture for Digital Transport Networks

A higher level view of telecoms protocols and implementation than the formal Sonet/SDH book.

There is a second edition.

Joomla! 1.6 a User's GuideJoomla! 1.6 – A User’s Guide, Third Edition

From the days when I was using Joomla rather than WordPress as the CMS on my web hosting. My impression these days is that both drupal and wordpress are better choices in most cases.

Beginning Joomla!Beginning Joomla!, Second Edition

Another Joomla book…

The C++ Standard LibraryThe C++ Standard Library

The C++ 98 version of the Josuttis book. Now replaced by the C++ 11 version. The best STL book I know of.

Essentials of Fuzzy Modeling and ControlEssentials of Fuzzy Modeling and Control

I still haven’t had a use for fuzzy logic. I bought this when I was working for Howtek and read it through. Interesting, but not currently useful. Perhaps the right problem will come along some day.

Framework Design Guidelines.NET Framework Design Guidelines, Second Edition

Introduction to the Theory of GamesIntroduction to the Theory of Games

Book0493Software Project Management

Book0487Rapid Development

Essential .NET Volume 1Essential .NET, Volume 1

Advanced CORBA Programming with C++Advanced CORBA Programming with C++

At various times, CORBA has been brought up as a possible interprocess communication infrastructure for projects. I bought this book to obtain a better understanding of the capabilities and limitation of the technology. So far I haven’t seen a system design that would lead me to look seriously at CORBA as appropriate. It appears to be large, heavy and complex in ways that most things I’ve wound up working on don’t really need.

Mathematics of Classical and Quantum PhysicsMathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics

Linear AlgebraLinear Algebra

PCI System ArchitecturePCI System Architecture

Dynamic HTML, The Definitive GuideDynamic HTML – The Definitive Reference, Second Edition

An early version of modern dynamic web pages driven by javascript. Very out of date at this point.

Book0479Best Software Writing I

Advanced .NET RemotingAdvanced .NET Remoting, Second Edition

Book0477Joel on Software

Effective COMEffective COM

Microsoft Direct3D ProgrammingDirect3D Programming Kick Start

Programming PerlProgramming Perl, Third Edition

The perl book. I’ve found perl to be a great way to write quick and dirty text manipulation tools. I’d tend towards compiled languages with more strict typing and better object oriented support for large projects.

Linear Algebra with ApplicationsLinear Algebra with Applications, Second Edition

College linear algebra text. Given how often linear algebra comes up in 3D manipulations and in imaging, keeping this on the shelf has been helpful.

SNMP, RMONSNMP, SNMPv2, SMPMv3 and RMON 1 and 2, Third Edition

Thinking About GISThinking About GIS, Third Edition

A few years ago I was looking at playing with some GIS like code to build terrain for games I was running. This and the web GIS volume were bought to get an idea of what full fledged GIS systems looked like.

There is a fifth edition of this available.

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