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An Introduction to Mathematical StatisticsAn Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and its Applications

My old college statistics text. Handy to have around when a refresher is indicated.

Probability and Stochastic Processes for EngineersProbablity and Stochastic Processes for Engineers

…and another college statistics text. This was the official text for the course, but the professor teaching my class didn’t find it to be all that good and suggested picking up the volume above. I keep it around as a second opinion should the first volume prove insufficient.

Operating Systems, Design and ImplementationOperating Systems – Design and Implementation

There is a third edition of this book.

Postscript Language Reference Manual, Second EditionPostScript Language Reference Manual, Second Edition

Another volume that has updated versions available for free download. This covers most of what matters and is a little more convenient to flip through than the PDFs.

ATM Volume IATM Volume 1 – Foundation for Broadband Networks, Second Edition

Applied ElectromagnetismApplied Electromagnetism, Second Edition

My college emag text. I don’t wind up pulling this off of the shelf very often, but as I’m familiar with the contents it is where I go if I need this sort of stuff.

Applying RCS and SCCSApplying RCS and SCCS

Relativity and Early Quantum TheoryBasic Concepts in Relativity and Early Quantum Theory

My old high school introductory relativity text. I still would like to get on top of differential geometry and be able to handle some of the calculations involved in general relativity. No time though…

Introduction to the Theory of RelativityIntroduction to the Theory of Relativity

Understanding PKI, Second EditionUnderstanding PKI, Second Edition

Public key infrastructure has been important enough in the past that I bought and read this book to improve my familiarity with the technology.

UML Distilled, Third EditionUML Distilled, Third Edition

Introduction to Bayesian StatisticsIntroduction to Bayesian Statistics

Designing Solutions with COM+ TechnologiesDesigning Solutions with COM+ Technologies

The XML Schema Complete ReferenceThe XML Schema Complete Reference

Disappointing volume. Not very organized or focused. There is much to learn about with schema, but this book isn’t the place to go looking. Particularly disappointing as the XML book that preceded it was excellent.

Encyclopedia of Graphics File FormatsEncyclopedia of Graphics File Formats

Older volume with coverage on many old graphics file formats. Doesn’t come into play often, but nice to have a reference on some of these old formats as needed.

Garbage CollectionGarbage Collection

A great book if you’re trying to understand the capabilities and limitations of garbage collection technology. Also look at this.

Stochastic Local SearchStochastic Local Search – Foundations and Applications

Essential WinInetEssential WinInet

OpenGL Programming GuideOpenGL Programming Guide, Sixth Edition

The Data Compression BookThe Data Compression Book

My first real data compression book. I used this to implement firmware compression algorithms at Howtek for several scanners. There are better books these days and most platforms I’d likely be developing on have compression libraries that are better than anything I would write. I still keep it around as a reference should I find a need.

Inside CORBAInside CORBA

I bought this to get a look at CORBA as a component technology. After reading it I largely concluded that it was overly complex for most things I’d likely be involved with. The requirement for an expensive, dedicated ‘ORB’ to exchange messages made it even less interesting. Worth knowing about, but be cautious unless your design is well aligned with CORBA’s facilities.

Surreptitious SoftwareSurreptitious Software

Concurrent Programming on WindowsConcurrent Programming on Windows

PCI Express System ArchitecturePCI Express System Architecture

Recent development required a significant understanding of PCI and PCIe bus architecture and capabilities. This volume provides very thorough coverage of PCIe and helped to bootstrap my understanding of what could be implemented and how to direct the VHDL and board implementers.

Understanding SNMP MIBsUnderstanding SNMP MIBs

.NET XML Web ServicesProgramming .NET XML Web Services

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