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I started work as a Principal Software Engineer at KMC systems in April of 2016. I’m enjoying the work and the team there so far.  My first project involved a robotic system controlled by a QNX based computer with code written in C++ 2011. My work on this project entailed individual implementation of one of the core services as an individual contributor and some software architecture work to extend the design to meet some new requiremetns.

After completing my work on the QNX based system I moved into the software lead role on a C# based design running on windows 10 with an angular user interface and node based supporting tools. At this point I’m wrapping up some tail end work on free standing test tools as a team on one.

I will shortly be moving on to help out with a java based analytic system development project running on windows, again with an angular based primary user interface.

We’ve got a great team of people working on a diverse range of medical robotics solutions.

I found the culture at Amazon Robotics to be a poor match, but I certainly added a number of valuable skills while working there. I’ve so far found cross disciplinary (software, mechanical, electrical, other) product development to be the best match for my interests and skills. AR had a very focused approach to individual roles and responsibilities that left me with less scope than I prefer and using only a fraction of the skills that I’ve developed over the years.

I’m not actively looking for new opportunities, but I’m always happy to talk about possibilities…if it isn’t something I would consider, perhaps I know someone who would be a great fit.

My resume is available here: KyleWilsonResume

I am a Principal Software Engineer who has spent most of his career developing a pretty wide range of products for the companies where I’ve worked. My primary development language these days is C++ but I’m comfortable working in a broad range of languages and environments.

The header image on this site brings up a random bookshelf from my technical books library at home. I try to keep the shelves up to date and covering a broad range of topics in many areas that might be of interest. Lately I’ve wound up buying more and more of my books as ebooks and thus my bookshelves have been lagging behind what lives on my tablet.

I live in Hudson, NH and have comfortably commuted to Burlington, MA and Wilmington, MA. I have worked in Beverly, MA for a year, but worked at home two to three days a week in order to make the commute livable. I would be open to working in Boston or Cambridge by way of the commuter rail service in Lowell.

I’m currently working for KMC Systems in Merrimack.

My personal blog is here

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