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Principles of Digital Image Synthesis, Volume OnePrinciples of Digital Image Synthesis, Volume 1

Principles of Digital Image Synthesis, Volume TwoPrinciples of Digital Image Synthesis, Volume 2

Programming Applications for WindowsProgramming Applications for Windows, Fourth Edition

Inside SQL Server 2000Inside SQL Server 2000

Periodically I’ve needed to interact with SQL server (or seriously consider using it in product code) and this book provides a pretty good overview of the internal structure and capabilities of the tool. Dated now, but still modestly useful.

The SQL StandardA Guide to the SQL Standard

3D Game Engine Design3D Game Engine Design

Applied XML Programming for .NETApplied XML Programming for .NET

Pro .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and Custom ControlsPro .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and Custom Controls

While windows forms has been superseded by WPF, there are places where it is still necessary to fall back to forms in order to interact with native facilities. This book provides a pretty good reference to how that environment works and how to work in it.

Beginning SQL Server 2008 for DevelopersBeginning SQL Server 2008 for Developers

Writing OLE ControlsWriting OLE Controls


I haven’t needed to implement ADO.NET code to date, but keeping myself aware of how it works and what it can do is worthwhile.

ATL Internals, Second EditionATL Internals, Second Edition

ATL is Microsoft’s most flexible way of working with COM technologies from C++ code. This volume provides an in-depth description of the library components and their internal implementations.

Pro ASP.NET 4 in C# 2010Pro ASP.NET 4 in C# 2010

.NET and COM Interoperability.NET and COM – The Complete Interoperability Guide

A huge reference to the .NET facilities for supporting interactions between native COM components and .NET code with either side as the host. I suspect that this technology has evolved since this volume was published, but the material in here has been sufficient for most of my needs to date.

80386 DX Programmer's Reference Guide80386 Programmer’s Reference Manual

Another ‘last paper copy’ volume. Intel has up to date PDF files available with all of the latest information about their processor instruction sets. I have those files, but it is sometimes nice to have a physical book to leaf through when looking for something.

The C Programming LanguageThe C Programming Language

A copy of the original (pre-ANSI) version of the C language. Of historical interest only, but still cool to have around.

This was my first reference on the C language when I was in college. I remember reading this while waiting for the train from West Concord (where my coop job with GenRad was) back to Boston.

The Unified Software Development Process

Error Control CodingError Control Coding, Second Edition

This provides very thorough coverage of error correction and detection codes. I looked around for some time before finding this volume. It is a somewhat specialized bit of information, but when you need forward error correction you really need this level of detail to get things right.

Book0485XML Family of Specifications

Radiosity and Global IlluminationRadiosity & Global Illumination

Programming the windows Driver ModelProgramming the Windows Driver Model, Second Edition

This is my most important reference (at least after the Microsoft online docs) to driver development. I still use this book when writing kernel mode code.

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