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One of my ongoing projects is this site (and its sibling /blog).

Flying home from California

Heading for home after a few days in California for my daughter’s wedding. Going to try to keep up with the C# sandbox projects and fit in a bit of playing with Kotlin and the intellij idea IDE.  I’m thinking that Kotlin looks like a less constrained Java and there is so much JVM code out there that it could be an interesting option in my kit of tools.

Also looking as if I should get my PHP back in shape as this hosting runs PHP and I’d like to do a little single page application game work. As that will need a back end I will need some restful PHP code for persistence and some rules engine logic.

Web Implementation Options for SandBox Projects

Looking at some sandbox projects that need web interfaces.

Winding up with a big split here

  • PHP/Apache (LAMP) for real site work.
    Anything that needs to run up here on my hosting will be something LAMP-like. Code needs to be PHP (at least locally) with back end persistence in MySQL.
    Front end should be more flexible. As long as the back ends can provide what the browser side code needs all should be good.
  • IIS/ASP.NET looks like the easiest choice (with .net core MVC as the tool set) for windows integrated work. I have a few things that want to run locally on a system but present a web interface externally. These tools should provide lots of ‘traction’ with close windows integration. Probably an Angular front end and perhaps a full service on the back-end.
  • Node.js shows up in many places. It provides a fast to deploy web server that is flexible and easy to code for. It is on my list in part because it has been showing up in places that are interesting and it part because it promises to support light-weight tasks where IIS would seem like over-kill.

For the front ends there are a huge number of choices out there. Of the ones I’ve seen

  • Angular 2 seems to be pretty capable and well respected. I expect to do at least some work with Angular and if it proves easy to work with I may focus on it.
  • Bootstrap is older (I think) but appears to provide a similar set of tools and infrastructure. If I run into issues with Angular, I may give this a try for something small and see how well it works.

I am also looking at free-standing, light weight web server options that run in C#. This is primarily aimed at RESTful interfaces to back-end code. OWIN and Katana seem to promise something like this while on the C++ side (and I expect C++ will show up now and then) microhttpd looks promising (with GPL restrictions, but these are sandbox projects).

Currently doing quite a bit of reading. Soon I’ve got to kick off from reading and get to some doing. Not sure what I’ll tackle first but I will probably try to list the things I’d like to kick around before I pick one…stay tuned.


I Still Need to fix my Landing Page Redirect.

Mod_rewrite seems to cause me no end of problems so far. I’ve got two URLs pointed at this hosting (one dormant but I’d like to keep it alive). I want apache to redirect my base url to my landing page while preserving access to the other site.

So far I’ve largely managed to either nuke my sister’s wordpress site while successfully redirecting ninecrows or take out everything with a broken rewrite configuration. I thought I had it working at one point or another but it always seems to come back to a caching issue fooling me into seeing the fix working.

Not sure when I’ll get back to this but it is a bit annoying…

Social media links added to my blog sites…

I’ve linked my blogs to social media using (from JetPack I think) an automated tool that generates entries when a blog post is published. This is a bit experimental and if it doesn’t work well, I’ll disconnect again.

I’ve set things up so my personal blog tweets and posts to facebook while my career blog (here) tweets and posts to linked in.

Seems as if this should work as I really shouldn’t have anything on my career related site that isn’t appropriate to LinkedIn and anything posted to my personal blog should get sent out to my friends on facebook. I would like to find a way to control which posts get pushed, but that will have to wait for now.

Continuing to pull together the blog area here

I’ve been putting off fixing the landing page because things have been busy. At this point I’m trying to put content up here and keep the site interesting and thus I’m looking at fixing the landing page and pulling the whole site together.

It looks as if I can use mod-rewrite to point to a static page wordpress instance that then provides hand-offs to the blog areas. At the moment I have two, one for career/technical information (here) and another for all other personal items

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