C++/CLI and Job Search

Looking forward to a relatively quiet day today. I’m still hopeful that I’m nearing the end of my job search and will soon be taking on ‘real’ challenges instead of working to show places what I am capable of and hoping there’s a great match. I recharge from solving problems at work but the interview process leaves me tired and stressed.

I’m going to revisit C++/CLI a bit today. I used that as a C++ -> .NET bridge when it first came out and it seemed to be a very nice way to manage those transitions between C/C++ code needed to support functionality that isn’t by default exposed to .NET and C#.

At some point (VS2012 I think) Microsoft seemed to be pulling support for the language features and I gave up on it and shifter to PInvoke. That function is much less convenient and seems to have performance issues as well but it appeared to be favored by Microsoft and must certainly be less complex to support.

I’ve recently seen some indications that it is being supported better in newer versions of Visual Studio (VS 2022 appears to have full intellisense back and resharper for C++ understands it) so I’m looking at making use of it for projects that need to cross the line between managed and native code again. I still look at is as a connection between the two side not a replacement as native C++ and C# are a bit cleaner and more straightforward in most cases.

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