Weekend of May 21

Busy week last week. Two on site interviews. Both felt like they went well, a few hiccups after the fact on one but perhaps those can be worked out.

Already have a couple of interviews next week including a third with one from last week where one of the stake-holders couldn’t make my on-site discussion. Hopeful there that we’ve got a match on both sides.

Wrapped up touching base with some of my references as things seem to be moving to a point where I may need them. Synergy is often interesting as one of them had worked at one of the places I interviewed at last week and affirmed that it was a good place to work and he thought I’d be a good fit.

Finally installed the a TPM into my older desktop machine last night. I’ve been adding them into my systems over the last year or so where possible as I’m a bit more aware of their value. This was the last one so one more chore done. This is the machine that, while slower, has much older software installed that I use regularly so it is good to have it updated.

Hoping for good news next week and looking forward to the summer.

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