End of my first week with Excelitas…

Pretty good first week. As always mostly learning and figuring out what is going on and where the priorities live. Still lots to learn and a long learning curve to climb.

Looking at getting more familiar with VB,NET, LabVIEW and MATLAB as they seem like they will be important. Ordered a book on OCT technology (Optical Coherence Tomography: Principles and Applications 1st Edition) to get some grounding in the technology we’re selling.

Looking forwards to getting more details next week and meeting more of the staff here. Still not sure where the balance of my work will lie between management and individual contributor but that seems likely to shift over time in any case.

I have accepted a new job…

Well I can breathe again 🙂 I just formally accepted a job offer from Excelitas Technologies as a software manager on the OCT team there.

It has been a long three-ish months since the surprise layoff from Draeger and with lots of ups and downs. I’m happy with the new position and glad to be able to get back to technical challenges instead of job searching.

I’ll start working through my list of recruiters I may have outstanding activity with on Monday morning and will try to tag everyone individually.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved in my job search, I couldn’t have found more than a tiny fraction of the possibilities I did without the help of friends, ex-colleagues and recruiters.

I still expect to keep working with java spring boot, WPF/Maui and python on the home front as I have home projects where they could be very useful. I will likely continue posting as that work goes forward. Hoping to take my proficiency in all of those areas from ‘working knowledge’ to ‘highly proficient’ over the next year or two so I can get to playing with VR, 3D rendering and machine learning using the tools available…

Starting the week of June 5

Last week was a busy one on a number of fronts and I know I kept trying to get through my reply backlog and failing.

Today I’m going to be getting things cleaned up on my desk and my job search records. If things go smoothly I’ll likely get replies out by end of day. More likely they’ll go out tomorrow.

I now have two very exciting possible jobs where I’ve been through the interview process and I’m waiting for responses. Pretty sure the third one is off the table and just failed to tell me 🙁

I expect this week to feed the pipeline some more and cross my fingers that I may get an offer from one or both of the positions I’d like to come through. There have been enough of these in the last few months where things didn’t click at the end that I’m not going to end my search until I have a signed offer in hand. Hopeful but not making assumptions yet…