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Kyle Wilson’s Resume

Available as a word document on request.

As far as my current interests and what sort of possibilities might get my attention:

  • I’m currently looking for a new job. I was laid off in April as Draeger moved focus from the legacy networked ICU monitoring product line to focus on next generation development. I’m looking for a good match and willing to be patient at this point as I have severance coverage until mid-July. I’m willing to talk about just about any opportunity to see if it is of interested but my focus in on full-time permanent positions that are either remote or within reasonable commuting range of my home in Hudson, NH.
  • I’ve been an engineering lead in various roles for much of my career and I enjoy leading a team while providing some direct engineering input along the way. Helping to make a team more effective lets me get more done than I could possibly do on my own and I value that.
  • Most positions that I’ve found engaging have involved systems with hardware, software and technology components all working together. I am open to software only opportunities, but I’d be looking for something that suggested that the role would be a particularly good fit.
  • I feel like I’m pretty well compensated and I live in a state with no state income taxes. Any opportunity that would involve a pay cut is a non starter at the moment. It is always possible that something extraordinary could change mind, but…
  • My time at Oni Medical Systems is pretty much my benchmark for a great job. I had a team of software engineers working on the system. I was able to do some moderate amount of direct development work in addition to my lead activities. I was in a position to guide the software and system architecture in directions I thought would be beneficial. MRI technology is pretty amazing stuff and I was involved to some degree in most aspects of the system. The internal politics was  pretty mild and the director of engineering understood programming well enough to follow detailed discussions of technical choices and participate in decision making.

4 thoughts on “Resume”

  1. Expanded this back to 3 1/2 pages. I had cut it down to 2 pages by squeezing content out of older entries. Recent advice leads me to believe that the longer format is acceptable and I think that the extra information can be helpful.

  2. Improved wording in the introductory paragraph. Added a small amount of information related to motion control background.

  3. Got to update the latest part sometime soon. Always best to keep things up to date and after a layoff I always make a point to update things.

  4. Updated resume to streamline the introductory section and added in newer items. Cleaned up and trimmed some of the older material.

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