JSON doesn’t support comments…

The things you don’t notice

I recently ran into a chunk of JSON data that kept being rejected by JSON.parse but worked as expected if I used eval (nasty, but this is local data so livable-ish).

I had looked at the raw data and saw nothing out of the ordinary. At first I suspected the quickly tossed together code I was working with. When I finally pasted the document into a JSON validator it immediately pointer to the ‘//’ comments that someone had inserted. Continue reading JSON doesn’t support comments…

Disappointed – My Pixel-C tablet is not working right

I’ve had a Pixel-C tablet since they were released and until the last week or so have been very happy with it. Over the last week it has taken to having one half of the screen freeze and refusing to come out of sleep mode without a hard reset. The frozen screen even occurs at boot (when half the screen is pixel snow). As of this morning, the failure is there at boot and never goes away and even when I just press the button to put it to sleep it refuses to start up again. Continue reading Disappointed – My Pixel-C tablet is not working right

Windows can’t format FAT32 on a large flash drive but Android Insists on FAT32…

I just went through some contortions trying to recover one of my 128 GB flash drives. I use these with my Pixel-C android tablet to load files to the device.

It appears that android (at least stock android) only understands FAT32 and windows refuses to format a flash drive of this size with anything by exFAT or NTFS.

After cancelling a format operation on windows (and thus invalidating the format on the drive) I found that the Pixel-C would format it to FAT32 itself. Not sure why the conflict, but it was certainly frustrating.

I still can’t find an SD card reader that will work with the Pixel-C. I now have a couple with USB-C connectors and then work through an adapter to my older devices. None show up on the Pixel in any way. I’m not sure whether the device that work have extended driver support (they’re Samsung devices) or whether the Pixel-C intentionally defeats access to external media readers.

HTML5 Canvas API looks very much like PostScript

I’ve been reading through HTML5: The Missing Manual, Second Edition in order to get my HTML up to date (I am very familiar with 4.01 but haven’t done anything that needed the newer stuff till now). Having reached the section on canvas and being interested in pictures and games related stuff, I was interested to find that the API looks pretty much one to one a mirror of the postscript level 2 rendering engine (without the forth heritage and stack machine framing). This goes right down to the endcap styles on lines and join types for figures. Continue reading HTML5 Canvas API looks very much like PostScript

Social media links added to my blog sites…

I’ve linked my blogs to social media using (from JetPack I think) an automated tool that generates entries when a blog post is published. This is a bit experimental and if it doesn’t work well, I’ll disconnect again.

I’ve set things up so my personal blog tweets and posts to facebook while my career blog (here) tweets and posts to linked in.

Seems as if this should work as I really shouldn’t have anything on my career related site that isn’t appropriate to LinkedIn and anything posted to my personal blog should get sent out to my friends on facebook. I would like to find a way to control which posts get pushed, but that will have to wait for now.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I’ve been reading (and buying in kindle form) a bunch of material related to the front end of web development. I can created serviceable web forms and simple applications but I want to take this up a notch or two.

3D programming is also on my (often too long) list at the moment. This covers a huge range and I’m not sure where I’ll wind up looking first. A full OpenGL implementation with a RESTful back end into the PHP site is a possibility. An android app using OpenGL ES is also possible. Probably easiest (and thus most immediately likely) would be a WebGL implementation (thus the focus on javascript and related bits).