KMC Systems

I was a staff software engineer with KMC Systems in Merrimack, NH.

Managing priorities
Technical team leadership
On time delivery
Ramp quickly on new technologies

I joined KMC about a year and a half ago after concluding that Amazon Robotics wasn’t a good match. After six months as a principal software engineer I became a staff software engineer (seems like the same role with more customer contact for practical purposes).

KMC does contract development and manufacturing of medical robotic systems.

Since I started working for them I’ve been involved in three projects developing class III fully automated analytic systems.

  1. On my first program I worked as an individual contributor designing and implementing one of the component services that made up the software to operate the machine. This system was implemented in C++ running on QNX using google protocol buffers as a message transport.
  2. For my second project I took over the lead role on another system and have been making sure that the team keeps delivering the right mix of features, coordinating with the customer for whom we’re developing the system and implementing some code along the way.
    We delivered to the customer’s requirements with only one slip of one day in hand-offs (and that one because one of the contract engineers had his last day on delivery day and all agreed that letting him wrap things up was more important than holding to the delivery date).
    This system was implemented in C# and Typescript (Angular) running on Windows 10.
    Once the main clinical software was completed and delivered, I developed manufacturing diagnostics for the system built in C# on Windows 10 using WPF.
  3. I’m currently supporting the development of an analytical system written in Java with an Angular UI (and some supporting tools written in JavaFX) running on Windows 10 as an individual contributor.

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