Backfilling on JavaScript…Touching base with the basics

I’ve been doing some deep dives into TypeScript and JavaScript and related technologies. Much of that has been looking at newer features and advanced topics.

I’m now reading through O’Reilly’s Learning Javascript to make sure I’ve covered the basics and pick up any language idioms I may have missed along the way. I expect this to be a quick read as I’m pretty familiar with the language and tools. Once I’m done I should feel good about having filled in any gaps that may have been present previously. Continue reading Backfilling on JavaScript…Touching base with the basics

Struggles with Ubuntu

I have Ubuntu 17.04 installed on one of my NUC machines as a place to run Linux code. I haven’t used it in a while and now I’m finding that it fails to connect with its apt-get repositories and cannot update to 17.10. I’ve done enough google digging and come up with nothing convincing and so I’m on the cusp of blowing everything up and loading it clean.

I think I may just go with the LTS version 16.04.3 as I expect that will have longer useful life and be easier to upgrade to version 18 when it drops. I’m mildly tempted to go to 17.10 and just accept that upgrades to Linux are really clean installs. Not thrilled with that as it means reinstalling everything else each time but I’m finding that I don’t do enough Linux work to maintain the skills to dig deep and fix the routine issues that pop up.

Small Steps on the .NET Core with Angular Front

I’ve found that by uninstalling node completely and then reinstalling with windows NVM things seem to be working on my main development machine here now. I’m also running both my command line and visual studio 2017 in admin mode. Not certain that is required, but it did seem to resolve an ‘EPERM’ issue with npm install.

Tonight I’ll try to move forward with some actual coding on top of the sample code from visual studio.

Continue reading Small Steps on the .NET Core with Angular Front