Software tools for Sandbox Systems…

  • IIS Enabled
    For ASP.NET code and related bits.
    Expecting IIS to own port 80 and Apache on 1080.
  • XAMPP (sourceforge) {7.1.7}
    Provides a test environment for things that will live on ninecrows and related hosting locations.
    Provides PHP but will likely use a free-standing MariaDB instance for persistence.
  • JDK () [Java SE 8u144]
    Java support for free-standing Java work and to enable Android development.
  • Visual Studio 2015
    Building windows tools in C++, C#, F#
  • Windows SDK  (Windows 10 SDK)
    Supplementary tools and libraries for building windows user mode applications.
  • MariaDB () [Maria DB 10.2]
    MySQL without the Oracle tentacles. Open, scalable and in wide use.
  • SQL Server Lite/Express 2016
    Sometimes a real commercial SQL engine is nice to have around.
  • MongoDB (Source) {3.4}
    NoSQL database. Looks suitable for many things I’m likely to be playing with.
  • MongoDB Driver for .NET
    ‘m sure there are others but this appears to be a reasonable open source driver.
  • Android Studio (Install) {2.3.3}
    For developing phone and tablet apps. Handy to have when a larger system isn’t available.
  • 7Zip (Source and here)
    Free and open source data compression/decompression
  • Chrome (Source)
    The main browser I use these days.
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Perl (ActiveState or here) {5.26.0}
  • Python (3) (2) {3.6.2 and 2.7.13}
  • TCL (Source) {8.6}
    A simple, easy to use, embeddable scripting language that has been around for a long time.
  • CygWin {2.8.2}
    The unix on windows package of note. Pretty complete set of unix-ish tools.
  • KDiff3 {0.9.98}
    Graphical differencing tool.
  • Wix (Downloads)
    Installer toolkit that helps build windows install packages.
  • WinDirStat (Downloads)
    Directory usage viewer. Very helpful for cleanup of full hard drives. [hg clone windirstat-code]
  • Git (Downloads)
    This is the GIT source control tool used in so many places for distributed source code control.
  • Gnu Emacs
    The one true text editor 🙂
  • VirtualBox
    VM Manager that is open source though unfortunately appears to be controlled by Oracle…
    [svn co vbox]
  • Node (Source)
    Light weight Javascript based web server. Looks very interesting for certain jobs. Uses the V8 javascript engine.
  • DOxygen
    Documentation generator for environments where built in doc gen isn’t present.
  • CMake (Download)
    Make maker. Used by a number of cross platform projects.
  • Virtual Clone Drive
    ISO Image Mounter that is free and sometimes useful
  • Audacity (Downloads) (LAME add in for MP3 Source) (Installing)
    Audio processing tool that is free and open source.
  • Blender (Getting Involved)
    3D editor that is open source and freely available.
  • FileZilla
    FTP manager
  • GIMP
    Not photoshop image editor. One of these days I’ll learn GIMP better but for now my Photoshop license serves me well…
  • Three.js (Source)
    WebGL front end library.
  • Process Explorer
    ore capable version of what task manager does.
    The whole SysInternals tool set is useful.
  • DHCPSrv
  • Eclipse
    Common IDE for Java development and other environments.
  • XAMPP ()
    Quick install of Apache/PHP/MySQL for most platforms.
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine/Epic (4.17.1)

Less interesting tools…

Engineering execution and creativity mixed for the best results…