Machines and MedChem

It has been interesting reading Derek Lowe’s articles about machine planned synthesis and the pharma research space.

Much of this sounds like what software went through as compilers came on the scene and became progressively better. For a long time people would argue that human generated machine code would always be better than compiler generated code and that compilers were essentially a crutch for those unwilling to do the hard stuff. Continue reading Machines and MedChem

Fun with the WiX installer…

I’ve used WiX for the installer for a small sandbox project or two. I’m now looking to use it for something bigger. Getting back to the could of WiX ebooks I’ve got (WiX 3.6: A Developer’s Guide to Windows Installer XML and WiX Cookbook). One conclusion so far is that a project with tens of files involved is going to make for a long WiX configuration file…

I’ve read one of these to support my previous WiX work (service installation which for C# based services pretty much requires an installer). Non-sandbox work needs a somewhat deeper view though.



Looks like I’m back to Java for a while soon…

I’m wrapping up work on my current program at work and it looks as if I’ll be heading from C# to Java for my next stretch.

My previous Java experience was in the all encompassing world of Amazon’s systems. I’ve loaded up the latest version of Idea and Eclipse to do a little refresher and play with some free-standing java code again.

I expect that my home projects will likely stay more on the C#/Javascript side of things (with a little C++ and PHP mixed in) as those tools are better suited to my sandbox project needs.