Xerox ODPG

When I moved on from Puma Technology I took a job with a newly formed team at Xerox in Burlington, MA.

The group I worked for at Xerox developed an NT embedded based implementation of the software that runs Xerox line of multi-function office machines (copy/scan/fax/print). I started in the group working on the SNMP implementation (developing SNMP expertise along the way) and moved into a technical lead role within the team.

This project began as a port of software hosted on an older embedded unix core into the win32 environment and continued to address some of the issues that had existed in the older environment.

The software was implemented in C and C++ and ran in a multithreaded and multiprocess environment using UDP local loopback sockets as a replacement for the unix domain sockets that the original system implemented its interprocess communications with.

In the end, Xerox decided to shift direction away from embedded windows to an embedded version of linux and moved to shut down the team in Burlington. Seeing the end coming I moved on to work for Tektronix broadband telecom test in Chelmsford, MA (originally Microwave Logic before the Tektronix acquisition).

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