Week of May 29…Job Search Continues

Back from the weekend. There are a couple of very interesting possibilities in the pipe and one that I’m hoping will generate an offer and end my job search. I will be very happy to get back to solving problems with useful results rather than looking for a place where I can dig into problems.

Going to dig through my backlog this morning and reply to anyone I need to get back to. Hoping for a resolution this week but until I have an offer in hand I need to keep the pipeline going.

I started looking deeper into the current state of WPF and Maui over the long weekend. I’ve built WPF applications using MVC approaches. The current pattern is MVVM which seems not that much different but I’m still building an understanding of where the differences are and why they matter.

Maui is very interesting as a WPF style cross platform tool set. So far what I’ve been seeing suggests that it is a bit immature and will need another iteration or two before it is ready for product but still very interesting. Being able to use the same basic tech to target desktop UI and iOS and Android would be very useful.

I’ve been looking at doing some Android programming for years and never found the time and iOS is so far out that I’d never likely get there without a cross platform solution. Maui seems like a way to get all of these…

This week I’m going to continue down that road and get some sample code together, look a little at the source code from github for some of the tools and see where that takes me.

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