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Death MarchDeath March

The Rise and Resurrection of the American ProgrammerRise and Resurrection of the American Programmer

The Decline and Fall of the American ProgrammerDecline and Fall of the American Programmer

I bought a copy of ‘Rise and Resurrection’ to read. A colleague has this copy of decline and fall and gave it to me as a book end to my volume. Interesting how much things have changed.

The Mythical Man MonthThe Mythical Man Month – 20th Anniversary Edition

A classic. Probably right as far as it goes, but much of what it discusses is distant from modern development processes and environments (which should probably be expected as this book informs much of what has come after).

Book0489Use Cases Combined with Booch/OMT/UML

Book0491Comparing ISO 9000, Malcolm Baldridge & SEI CMM for Software

LAN/WAN Analysis IPX/SPXNovell’s Guide to LAN/WAN Analysis: IPX/SPX

Mostly of historical interest. A detailed description of the internals of one of the early file sharing and network communication protocols.

File System InternalsWindows NT File System Internals

For a long time I was very curious about Win32 file systems and file system drivers. The file system development kit was very hard to get a look at. This book provided a peek inside though without the FSDK it was just a curiosity.

Inside AppletalkInside AppleTalk, Second Edition

And the original appletalk protocol.

Largely of historical interest at this point. I was delighted to get this when it first became available as I was working in graphic arts (Howtek, scanners) and being able to work with the low level protocol was very useful.

Beginning PHP and MySQLBeginning PHP and MySQL, Fourth Edition

Web server side programming in the LAMP and WAMP environment (which happens to be what my hosting looks like). Covers most of what is needed though the work needed to implement RESTful web service APIs in this environment isn’t covered and requires some web searching to piece together.

Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML and CSSHTML & CSS – Build Your Web Site the Right Way, Second Edition

There is a third edition of this.

HTML and CSS The Good PartsHTML & CSS: The Good Parts

…and javascript has good parts

Pro CSS and HTML Design PatternsPro CSS and HTML Design Patterns

There is a newer version of this.

Designing Web InterfacesDesigning Web Interfaces

Pro Javascript TechniquesPro JavaScript Techniques

There is a second edition of this.

Pro Android 3Pro Android 3

I keep planning on playing with some android apps. Sometime soon 🙂 For now I keep this on the shelf and keep thinking…


One of my college calculus texts. Ever now and again calculus is relevant and it is useful to keep  a familiar reference handy.

System BIOSSystem BIOS

The old Phoenix BIOS spec. Newer BIOS designs now exist but I have not needed to work at this level in recent history.

Data Structures and Algorithms in C++Data Structures and Algorithms in C++

.NET Game Programming with DirectX 9.0.NET Game Programming with DirectX 9.0

STL Tutorial and Reference GuideSTL Tutorial and Reference Guide

The Josuttis books have largely supplanted this volume. With C++ 11 we’re in a new world in any case now.

Classic Data Structures in C++Classic Data Structures in C++

Large Scale C++ Software DesignLarge Scale C++ Software Design

Another book that I had high hopes for but was unimpressed with when I read it. I remember concluding that this book had more bad advice than good.

Windows 2000 Scripting GuideWindows 2000 Scripting Guide

Adding this to the WMI books and some shell scripting gives a pretty complete set of tools for manipulating a windows system in any ways needed. These days powershell might be the tool of choice, but on windows XP a decade ago the options were fewer.

Structured Fortran 77Structured Fortran 77

The course text from the first formal programming course I ever took. At that point i had already writing Z80 assembler on a regular basis for several years. Fortran isn’t my favorite language by a long run, but like all things it works well for the types of problems it was created to address.

Programming ASP.NETProgramming ASP.NET

The other other web technology. I’ve dipped into ASP and ASP.NET a number of times, but while I’ve used JSP and PHP for real things, ASP has always remained mostly theoretical.

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