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Heading out of winter and into spring.
Wrapping up the last year’s development program at work.
Looking forward to a Disney vacation in May.
Always learning and looking for new ways to create.

Tonight while waiting for the Magic Kingdom fireworks and castle light show we chatted with Rudy, the honorary eighth dwarf and a Disney legacy employee. It was great talking with him and my wife became his latest ‘victim’ getting photographed with him before the show…More shots from the castle light show and fireworks to come after we get home…flying home tonight.

Rudy’s Latest Happy Victim

Many more pictures from the fireworks and castle show to post-process but it is around midnight and I’m not likely to get to them until I’m home (and there I’ll have better monitors and faster computer hardware to boot).

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Post-processing pictures from a local boat tour today. Still digging through but will post them once I’m done…Published here for now and more here.