Site back online and github setup

The site here is back on line. GoDaddy had no real explanation about what happened to the sites that were affected but I’m happy to have things up again.

Today was spent on some final bits of cleanup around the .htaccess file to make sure the main URL gets referred to the landing page for the site.

I found that my main dev machine here was also not properly set up to push to my GitHub repos. Since I’m putting together some experimental code that I want up there that needed to be addressed. I ended up installing NASM to support building OpenSSL 3.0 and then pulled the code and built it. Got that done, generated ec25519 keys and pushed them to github. Seems like everything is now working.

I will have to make sure my more powerful gaming machine is also set up for GitHub and builds in the morning but that shouldn’t be a big deal.

I’ve got a lot of pdf based documentation around these days and in many cases the file names are inscrutable ($5.00 ebooks from packt at the end of each year make this worse 🙂 ). I want to see if I can launch acrobat reader under control of a WPF program and then use windows messages to position and size the window for viewing and then take information about that file into the UI side. That should let me index these things far better and be an interesting exercise as well.

More on this front tomorrow…

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