Backgrounder and May, 9…

Another morning and another interview with a very interesting potential place to work. Glad to see things continue entering the pipeline.

Thought I’d write a somewhat broader based post than my recent items this morning. I’ve been spending time looking into the current state of cloud computing and broadening my knowledge of spring. That has been my focus because I only have a few years of experience working in those areas. Much broader experience feeds into those areas but details matter and I’m very interested in being capable of doing good work in the cloud.

My broader background covers the range from service loop embedded systems coded in assembler language and commutating stepper by driving the windings to running a multi-arm robotic analysis system using C# and ethernet connected motor controllers.

I’ve found many different types of engineering development to be both challenging and interesting. I always try to keep my pool of knowledge broad in general and deep in areas of particular interest or relevance.

I ramp very fast (I think partly because I usually start with a good amount of basic knowledge when the specific need arises) and can step into situations where there’s a need and I have enough of the basics covered to get started smoothly (see my cryptography work at Draeger).

I’m currently looking for interesting challenges to tackle and whether my next role involves coding for embedded controllers, windows machines running robotics or cloud microservices, I’m happy to dig in and make my team as effective as possible and deliver the best solutions we can on schedule or make it clear to stake holders why we can’t and what we need…

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