…and end of day May 8…

Not a bad day. Reading the Azure books that arrived yesterday. I’m still feeling better about Java and AWS for cloud work. Spring and many of the supporting libraries makes the difference even though the JVM and Java itself have some warts.

Pulled my AVR docs out of the basement as I’ve talked to a place where that stuff would be somewhat relevant. Also dug out some bluetooth docs at the same time. Not sure how deep I’m going to dig there but worth having on hand.

Tomorrow I have a very interesting interview but I’ll also probably keep digging on the spring side of things. Getting some spring code running with a MongoDB or MySQL (mariadb) back end and RESTful front end may meet some needs I’ve had for some time. Not sure I want to pay for and AWS compute node to support this but only time will tell.

Ideally I’d like to layer a react or angular UI on top of this and experiment with three.js a bit…but that is too far in the future for the moment…

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