Ups and Downs but Hopeful End to the Week

Another interesting day. Another cloud position possible in the pipeline, a cloud position that seemed very interesting and a good match from what I could see declined to look further and an embedded position interview completed that looks very interesting.

Over all feels like a good day. Another interview early next week already in the pipeline and likely a second interview for the embedded role.

Overall frustrating to see so many possible positions walk away because I’m not a 100% match when I came away feeling like I was more than capable of coming up to speed on any gaps and delivering exception value but in the end that is their choice and I will keep looking…

I’ve made ‘getting the job done’ a core part of my approach to engineering and have demonstrated again and again that I bring a lot to the table and can fill in any gaps in no time flat. I do wish I was better at communicating that succssfully.

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