Weekend and Some Reassessment

Definitely ended last week feeling a bit frustrated. I’m going to reset for next week and pick some tech refresher work based on things I’ve been doing on the home front rather than jobs I’m looking at. Patience is clearly called for and I’d much rather find a job where everyone if comfortable with my skills and abilities and we can dive into challenges with confidence rather than something where there’s any doubt on either side….

Not sure where I’ll shift to at the moment. Probably something related to the VR coding I had been working on, but that covers a lot of ground as I was looking to have a RESTful web back end for that work so lots of possibilities. I still may look at some AWS or Azure coding as those are both possibilities for the back-end and while my web hosting is already paid for and supports PHP that isn’t really a very scalable environment and PHP isn’t my favorite language. Got to reflect a bit over the weekend and make some decisions.

I may even go back to the OpenGL coding I was playing with a few weeks ago. OpenGL is a good tool for handling the sort of 3D rendering that a flat screen view of the things I was trying to do in VR would work on. Getting back to that environment also has potential for jobs that could be interesting so might be a win-win. Have to think a bit…

I do think I’m going to take a high level look at Azure to see what the Microsoft cloud offers. Probably also worth some practice with C# language integrated query as it offers interesting capabilities akin to Java 9 streams. Lots to play with, lots to learn.

Just ordered a couple of Azure books from Amazon. One high level and the other also covers ASP.NET Core with Azure. Should be interesting reading.

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