Cloud and AWS Reading Goes On

Busy day yesterday. Didn’t get all that much AWS reading done but did get my copy of the third edition of ‘Amazon Web Services in Action’ from Amazon. It is clear that things have moved quite a way forward since last time I worked in AWS (and being an inside customer may make a difference as well).

One of the things we struggled with was the lack of MySQL support in AWS and adapting designs that expected that database was a challenge. It also appears that the filesystems for instances are now preserved in ways that those we were working with were not. We designed for the possibility that all compute nodes and their storage would disappear at the same time and the only thing we could safely count on was data in one of the persistent stores.

I’m going to keep reading to up date my understanding of where AWS is at this time. Interesting stuff and I’d be happy to find myself once again addressing challenges in the cloud.

I’ve got a cloud related interview this afternoon at 2:30. Looking forward to seeing whether there’s a fit there. My cloud coding is a bit out of date but I’m hoping I bring enough other things to the table to make it a fit. Definitely seems as if things are heating up a bit again on the job search front. Lots of variety as well so that’s good.

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