Wrapping up the crypto work at work

The network cryptography design, implementation and hand-off to the development teams that has occupied much of the last two years for me is almost done. Feels good to be nearing the completion of this work. It has been a real challenge but I’m happy with the end product. Slowing down as the remaining items are more varied and less technically challenging…but still need to be wrapped up.

Not sure what comes next though it looks like there will be more clean-up after the main work gets approved and shipped. Hoping for an interesting slate of new challenges to dig into as we enter the new year.

Covid remains a challenge. Mostly working remotely as with omicron in play we’re back to at most one day in the office each week. Various complications on the home front are distracting but things keep moving forward and we’ll get this wrapped up with a bow on top soon enough.

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