Surprised that Docker and VirtualBox are Incompatible

I’ve been doing some reading on Spring Boot and Spring in general. Several of the books I’ve been reading use docker containers to provide tools to support the sandbox projects they walk through.

Last night I installed Docker on my small development machine so that I could start playing with some of the examples. I was surprised to find that it uses Hyper-V and that I’d lose access to my VirtualBox VMs if I completed the installation.

There appears to be a ‘toolbox’ version that doesn’t have such issues and I’ll be looking into that sometime soon (I installed it, but I haven’t yet dug into running it).

I have installed the full docker on a machine that I don’t run VMs on and will likely use that one for any experimental coding that needs Docker.

It is disappointing that they chose a path that makes it difficult to share one development box between VM and docker containers though…

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