Created a ninecrows Github account…

as a place to make sandbox projects broadly available.

GIT is my preferred sandbox source code control system these days. Github provides wide visibility and the potential for collaboration should anything grow beyond the sandbox.

In the past I’ve just kept them local with no sharing. As I’m trying to make more of who I am and what I can do visible on the web, adding any interesting sandbox code I create to <a href=””>Github </a> is the most effective way I have of getting this done.

So far there isn’t anything stored up there, but over the next few weeks I’m expecting to get some things rolling.

Tools and tools

OpenSSL is local and built.

CMake seems useful to have around. I expect to build this from source because I’d like to have that capability and being able to chase problems is nice.

Google protocol buffer code and Google test code are on my list.


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