Reading ASP.NET Core 2 with Angular 5

I had a bit of a buying spree from Packt and Manning over the holidays. I’ve got extensive reading for the next several months at least. At the moment I’m going to be reading through ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular 5 from Packt.

This looks like an appropriate choice for a modern web based UI with a RESTful JSON back-end. I’m going to run through their examples and see where that gets me.

I’m still looking for a good two part solution where the computes live in a windows service and expose just a locally visible RESTful API and the user interface lives behind IIS for the security and robustness advantages. That would mean that the IIS code would proxy (either directly or in part) the main service web API. I’m thinking that this would allow the simpler service to keep running and performing its duties even if the web server failed. This also allows for a richer (but more risky) local API to be exposed while a filtered version is exported from IIS.

I’m also still poking about for other alternatives for self-hosted RESTful interfaces like these:

and some notes from Microsoft in this area here:

Plenty more interesting notes on the Microsoft site. For now I’ll be wrapping things up though…tomorrow I’ll move on to putting some of the code in place from the initial chapters of the book and seeing what that does. I’ll likely keep my working steps on my github site as I go.


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