…and Past Disappointment

and looking at things I can do this coming week that will help with my Linux and Java refresher activity. I’m certainly hoping that there are no more surprises lurking before I can get started though.

I’m going to try to do some Java coding on the CentOs box that I’ve got running now. I also want to get it running some sort of RDP type protocol (VNC maybe) to allow remote access within the house (and perhaps from outside if I decide to open a firewall forward rule).

Still deciding what would be worth doing, still reading and getting things configured a bit better at the moment.

Disappointed and waiting for the moment…

The state of New Hampshire has been slow in returning my background check information to Amazon and it looks like the ETA is next Tuesday so I’m likely to be waiting another week before getting started at Kiva.

I’m going to try to find out what version of Linux and Java they’re running so I can focus my pre-start investigations. If things don’t come through at the last moment, I’m going to try to spend next week doing some aggressive mucking around with Java on the Linux install I’ve gotten up and running here (CentOS).

Today I’m tidying up the office and getting things ready for some serious coding…

Ongoing May 11, 2014

With my job search starting up and various technical related things percolating (Android programming, RepRap) I suspect this site is going to remain mostly quiet until I have a new job lined up and can get back to some more fun and less focused pursuits. I expect that photography will keep going, but that ends up mostly on FaceBook at this point. I’m hoping to get back here and start using this the way I have wanted to by mid-summer…

Coming together

It looks as if the site is coming together. I’ve still got work to do on the entry page (which is now pretty skeletal) but in general folks will be directed to the several blogs directly in any case. I’ve added a blog to contain my career related information. Content here is still getting added, but I’m pretty happy with the look.

I’ve now gotten a couple new suits for interviewing in. I don’t normally need a suit for day to day working as a development engineer.

Early next week I think I’m ready to start talking to recruiters. A couple of them have been recommended by people at work and I’ll be giving them a ring.

Still trying to figure out the site layout

The realization that I can host multiple CMS on the site at the same time has opened up possibilities. That is great, but now I have to figure out how to lay things out and partition things so that they are manageable.

I was looking at putting most of my professional information on a static main page with links to this blog and other public resources on the site. At this point I’m beginning to look at adding in a ‘career’ CMS as a separate entity and placing all of my work related information there. That would permit me to more flexibly manage that information and have a more polished presentation while partitioning off my personal blog area.

I’ll probably go that way later today and update my resume to point at http://ninecrows.com/career to steer work related visitors to that area.

A little while later I’m pretty sure I want to do this. I’m taking photos of some of my technical book shelves to use as decoration on that site and I’ll crop and clean them before I head in to work today.

New and interesting things

I’m currently digging into web development in a more serious way than I have in the past. I’ve commonly used html as a way to create documents without needing Word or similar software and as a convenient way to programmatically generate polished looking content. That is quite a way from fully literate web development and I’m reading and experimenting to get closer to a complete understanding of what is required for professional web development.

I’ve recently been reading about Android development. I’ve done a bit of Java programming in the past so the language and basic idioms are familiar. The broader programming environment is quite a bit different from desktop oriented Java development though. I’ve been very happy with my android devices to date and look forward to being able to deploy custom code to meet my needs on them in the near future.

GE is Closing Specialty MR in Wilmington

All good things must come to an end and GE has decided to close the Wilmington site (formerly ONI Medical Systems) and I’ll be moving on to some new challenge soon.

On the up side, I’ve had almost ten years of working with a fantastic team of very talented people and leading the development of the software to run an incredible piece of hardware. Also on the up-side we all have until (at least) next April to find someplace to land as GE’s site closing policies are very generous.

At this point I’ve updated my resume (at least the first iteration) here with the context condensed down to fit in two pages again and updated with what I’ve done for Oni and GE.

We’re currently winding things down and beginning knowledge transfer to the folks at GE MRI central in Waukesha. It currently looks as if my earliest availability will be the beginning of July. If all goes well and no serious hitches develop in the shut-down process, I expect that we can have all of the necessary software transfer wrapped up by then.

It has been a great run, but I am excited to be looking at new challenges and new possibilities. It is always great to get a look at what is going on in the Boston area and dig into a new set of features and issues to build solutions for.

Thoughts and Considerations…