Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Day after my birthday. I appreciate all of the birthday wishes from people I know. I’ve tried to respond to everyone individually, hoping I didn’t miss anyone along the way.

We wound up going out to dinner at Longhorn’s for my birthday without planning to. We’ve been getting meal kits from one of the places that provides those for a while now (nice meals, something different and less expensive than eating out). Yesterday the meat part of the ingredients pack turned out to have a leak so we decided to head out to a steak place and celebrate.

I ordered a couple of task force games games for my birthday. I know I’m not all that likely to find people to actually play them with. I still enjoy reading through the rules and seeing how they make things hang together. In this case these are the star fleet marines ground combat games. I am particularly curious to see how they make star trek ground combat work in a way that makes for interesting game play.

I’ll write up my impressions once they arrive.

Still not getting back to any serious Unity VR programming. Still on my list of things to get to, but not making it to the top.

I did get the back porch rework most of the way to completion over the last couple of weekends. The bulk of the boards are in place…I just need to add in the outer edge of the floor and stain the kick-plate between the top surface and the first stair. Looks good and water does seem to be beading up rather than soaking in. I also left gaps between the boards to allow water to more readily escape through the surface. The original structure had the boards tightly butted up against each other and we had a healthy crop of moss developing between them.

Heading up to the Conway area this weekend for a short trip. We used to take trips up there more often and it will be nice to revisit the old places again. Expecting a pleasant and relaxing weekend away.