Facebook account hack frustrations

Definitely feeling @facebook frustration here.

Lorna had her @facebook account hacked in March (sometime around March 23). She has had the same account for 20+ years and uses that account to stay in touch with our daughter Alyssa who is in the navy and stationed in San Diego.

That account (and our netflix account) were compromised in the middle of the night and by mid-day the following day we had recovered both accounts. At that point we thought things were basically dealt with.

She appears to have chosen a poor password (the name of one of our pets from some time ago) and it was guessed. I was a bit concerned when facebook asked for a scan of her driver’s license but in the end we sent what they asked.

The account was reclaimed and then instantly disabled for ‘violating community standards’. Lorna thought this was just a 30 day thing as nothing she had posted caused it and we assumed facebook had removed whatever the hacker posted and was punishing her for having a poor password.

It is now June and her account remains disabled. I have had no luck finding a way to work with facebook to recover the account or address whatever may have been done during the hack. Friends have suggested just creating a new account but that violates facebook terms of service and loses 20 years of history that her real account contains.

At this point I’m going to have to just keep trying avenues to contact them and see if I can work this out. If I had a bigger presence on the web I’d be able to post public comments and perhaps force a response. As is I’ll just have to keep at it and hope that I’ll eventually find someone who can provide assistance.

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