Reading Neil Asher’s Space Opera (Polity – Agent Cormac)

Neil Asher - Prador Moon
Neil Asher – Prador Moon

Since before vacation I’ve been working my way through Neil Asher’s ‘Polity’ stories. I have read scattered volumes in the loose series in the past but never started at some coherent point and worked my way through. So far I’ve read these volumes and I’m part of  the way through ‘Line War’.

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Landing page is now in place…

CrowsIconbut is not all that pretty. The URL now redirects to landingpage which is a static page based wordpress instance.

The instance at landing page is very spartan at the moment. Just two links and a bit of text. I’ll need to get some artwork built up to make it more welcoming and accessible soon. Expect some experimentation as I figure out how to best support the landing page function.

I wound up using a redirect rather than mod_rewrite. I’m not sure why, but the rewrite rule that worked on my local linux mirror of the site did not work at all on my hosted site. I’ll have to look into that at some future date. For now, what is there should do the job nicely.

Local Mirror is now Working…

Over the weekend I thought I had my local site mirror up and running on my Ubuntu Linux machine (leviathan). Yesterday evening it became clear to me that while the site looked ok at the landing page, it knew that it was at and not leviathan and it was pulling database information from the main hosting and not the local MariaDB instance (update a page on the main site and see the changes on leviathan tells the whole story). Continue reading Local Mirror is now Working…

Long weekend, some progress…

…I spent about half of the available time over the weekend post processing and triaging photos from our April 2015 trip to support Lorna’s summer scrapbooking activities.

On the technical side, I got XAMPP fully installed and configured on my Ubuntu linux box and pulled a complete snapshot of my web hosting over and loaded it up. the database loads were completed without a hitch and the file transfers completed with a few stalls using <code>wget -m</code>.

As of this morning, I have a fully functional mirror of all of the content on my blog up and running. I need to burn the tarball to a blue-ray disk (around 9GB so DVD won’t hack it) tonight. The site does seem to know that it lives at because any link on the mirror transfers directly to my real site. Got to figure out where that’s stored and fix it as the next step.

Once that’s done I can move on to testing out mod-rewrite rules for redirecting the landing spot to my landing area wordpress instance so that I can point people to rather than one of the specific blogs. Looks a bit messy and likely somewhat finicky in exact configuration, but shouldn’t be hard to get right using my local mirror.