Local Mirror is now Working…

Over the weekend I thought I had my local site mirror up and running on my Ubuntu Linux machine (leviathan). Yesterday evening it became clear to me that while the site looked ok at the landing page, it knew that it was at ninecrows.com and not leviathan and it was pulling database information from the main hosting and not the local MariaDB instance (update a page on the main site and see the changes on leviathan tells the whole story).

I have found the right changes to make this work (at least better).

  • Pulled the network cable so I’d be sure I was only seeing local resources
  • Added /etc/hosts entries for ninecrows.com and www.ninecrows.com to resolve to so stray site references would end up local rather than failing.
  • Edited the wp-config.php file in blog to change the DB_HOST to ‘leviathan’
  • Edited the wp-config.php file to change the DB_USER to ‘root’ and the DB_PASSWORD to ” I missed this at first, assuming that the password and username came with the DB dump…they don’t

Once these were done I logged into the site admin (which I could do at that point) and changed the site information under settings/general to point to ‘http://leviathan/blog’ for both site address and wordpress address.

Once this was done, everything seemed to be working as expected.

I’m hoping that tonight I may have time to get the remaining blog mirrors fixed and start looking at mod-rewrite rules to point http://ninecrows.com at the new landingpage instance and get that wordpress instance configured to present a static page.


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