Considering adding a separate pictures blog at ninecrows

I’ve been busy with other things lately have not been taking or post-processing many pictures. I’m looking at getting some of that going again and getting a small gallery of my shots up on the site here.

I’ve considered adding a separate picture gallery wordpress instance in the past. To date I’ve kept things here on the discussion blog. I think that if I’m going to post more than the occasional picture or set of pictures that a free-standing blog instance would do the job better.

More to  come as this gells…

Time for a new scanner…

My good old canonscan 8800 has started putting color streaks in the middle of the dark parts of images


The platen is clean enough (not that platen state should matter for this) and I ran this several times at different resolutions and get the same artifact in the same place. I can imagine this could be a calibration target issue or a sensor aging issue, but either way I’m not inclined to try to dig it out.

I just ordered an Epson Perfection V600 which looks like a good step up and at a reasonable price. I’m going to be doing a good bit of imaging in the near future as I build out the site here and do some home sandbox work so I want a reliable and high quality scanner.

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Interesting, Disney park attendance down but revenue up…

according to this article.

I’d expect the price hikes to have trimmed down the number of people and I would have assumed that this was somewhat intentional. I’m a bit bemused that Disney is cutting budgets if park and resort revenue is up on fewer total guests. I’d be guessing that they’re trying to squeeze more profit out of operations and that this is an excuse more than a necessity. Continue reading Interesting, Disney park attendance down but revenue up…

We saw Suicide Squad today and it was a bad as the critics claimed

We went to the 4:30 showing and the place was not particularly packed.

The movie itself seemed a bit confused about its plot and direction. The pacing was horribly uneven. The characters weren’t engaging and the direction of the plot was telegraphed far in advance and very clumsily.

There may be spoilers below the break.

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