Monday, April 15, 2019


Got started on yard work items over the weekend. Finished up the long run of the in-law apartment walk and got the next step completed to lay down the side spur by the coal house. Still need to dig out the fourth run on the ‘T’ and get some mason’s sand in the trench to level things there.

Once that is complete, I’ve got a couple of areas to move fill to (and with the various projects that have been done over the last few years, there’s plenty of fill available).

Bought some one inch dowel to make the ‘topper’ for our cruise ‘fish extender’ hanging thing. Annoying…home depot was out of only that size dowel up in Nashua. Happily Lowes filled in the gap and provided me with what I needed. Still need to get it over to the saw and cut an appropriate length or two. Probably not today as it is rather drippy out there.


We saw the new Hellboy movie over the weekend. It was a fun but forgettable comic action movie. Didn’t have the ‘heart’ that the previous movies had for us but was a fun romp.

It Snowed in April Yesterday

Yuck…I left work yesterday to little ice pellets bouncing off my head and drove home in a late season snow storm. Cold and overcast…still looking for spring to arrive for good I guess.

Plenty to get done around the yard now that things are looking decent out there. Digging into technical bits along the way (see pandamallet and career areas for more details on that stuff).

Vacation coming up in May…though a short one without any Disney World time. It will be a nice break, but not as long as we’ve usually done…trying to be budget conscious isn’t much fun 🙂

Alyssa is still out at sea and out of touch. Seems as if she’s doing ok all told, but I’ll be happy when she’s back on land and we can stay in touch better.