Role Playing Games

I discovered AD&D when I went away to High School in Andover. I fell in love with the idea of being able to build fantastic worlds and let a group of friends take part in them (perhaps to the detriment of my school work at times).

I’ve played on and off since then though graduating and losing easy access to a pool of people who play and having less free time to play in has had an impact.

My last dive into the world of RPGs was when I ran a D&D v3.5 campaign for my daughter and some friends when she was younger and still at home.

I really liked the v3.5 game design. The work involved in making things run was a bit taxing, but the game system provided plenty of options.

Now that I’m officially an ’empty nester’ I may very well try to find a group and a game to run. Always subject to ‘as time permits’ and the balance of this year looks very, very crowded.

Thoughts and Considerations…

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