Sites I Visit Regularly

Of course this blog and my technical/career blog.

I’m looking at this a both a repository of links when I’m away from my home systems and a way to share interesting places with others.

  • Microsoft MSDN Is the place to get information and tools for developing software using Microsoft systems
  • Facebook is the way that I keep in touch with distant family and friends. I keep my blog around so I can have a more public presence.
  • webmail This one really is for my convenience. This is the link to my web hosting’s web-mail front door.
  • Slate Magazine is one of the places I drop into to get updates on things going on in the world and on the web.
  • Wired is another.
  • Charles Stross Is an author whose work I enjoy who also runs a blog that I find interesting.
  • John Scalzi is another author in that category. Interesting fiction, thought provoking blog. John’s blog also has the advantage of regularly pointing out interesting authors and works, many of which I’ve wound up buying, reading and enjoying. Given the decline of bricks and mortar book stores I’m still looking for a way to replace the browsing experience they provided.
  • Schneier on Security Since I read Applied Cryptography Bruce has been one of the experts whose opinion I respect in the area of encryption. His blog covers a wide range of security related topics and I find it quite useful.
  • Ars Technica A more ‘tech’ blog that helps me keep up with what is going on day to day out there.
  • IO9 I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction in my spare time. IO9 covers print, movies and television and keeps me aware of new releases.
  • TPM seems to be a relatively centrist news and opinion site. I listen to NPR in the car and then drop in to TPM now and again to get updates and more details.
  • Slashdot is old and well respected. I keep it on my list, but these days don’t find myself reading all that many items. If anything it serves as a pointer to site with more detail on an issue that slashdot kicks off a discussion of.
  • The Register is a UK tech site that I’ve found interesting. I’m not sure how I ran across the UK tech sites, but they’ve stayed on my list for years.
  • The Inquirer is another UK tech site (no relation to the checkout line rag).
  • Tom’s Hardware is my place to go when I need reviews of PC hardware.
  • The Players’ Ring is a little theater in Portsmouth, NH that my sister Erika has been involved with. I keep an eye on what they’re offering but haven’t made it to one of their shows in some time.
  • Starts with a Bang is Ethan Siegel’s science (mostly physics) blog. He’s moved on to bigger things, but still keeps summaries and pointers to the full articles here. I still have this link in my list and use his site to keep abreast of new things.
  • TED Talks. Interesting, sometimes odd, sometimes very cool. I don’t watch every one, but some of them can be extremely thought provoking.
  • In the Pipeline. Derek Lowe is a chemist who works in drug discovery. His blog ranges across many chemistry related area. I first came here to read some of his ‘things I won’t work with‘ columns about some amazingly nasty chemical species. These days I read the blog to keep up with goings on in the chemistry side of tech.
  • Amazon seems to be becoming ‘where I get stuff’. Still heavy on the books side (eBook and regular) but electronics figure heavily as well (sorry newegg).
  • ErfWorld is a  web comic in the RPG vein that I’ve been following since it started. Currently seems to be on text hiatus (story but no pictures) but still presenting a quirky and interesting world.
  • XKCD How the world really works…
  • Commissioned is a relatively new web comic. Interesting world and an artist who had done interesting but free standing panels who is now trying his hand at more extended narrative.
  • OOTS is a very long standing RPG-ish web comic with a very simple artistic style and heavy focus on long arcs. Currently in a bit of a holding pattern after its previous arc finished up.
  • Of Particular Significance is Matt Strassler’s physics blog. A bit deeper in content than Ethan Siegel’s work and tends to dive into more of the mathematics involved (which keeps things interesting). I continue to have an interest in particle physics at a superficial level (I no longer have the math to follow for real) and this blog keeps me informed.
  • BoingBoing I came here for some of the Disney items but keep it in my list for the occasional other items of interest. I can’t say I read BoinbBoing every day, but there are interesting things often enough that I drop in now and again.
  • Salon is a  pretty heavily left leaning opinion site. I don’t agree with everything they have to say, but I’m closer to them than I am to Fox. Source of things to think about and a more distinctly slanted take on news than NPR or TPM.
  • GoodReads I was hoping that this site could help to address the imminent death of the bricks and mortar bookstore as a way to find new fiction. So far it hasn’t been all that useful but I’m still holding out hope.
  • LinkedIn is the Career oriented equivalent of Facebook. I don’t check in here all that often unless I’m looking for a job. Currently I’m in the market and so I should be on more often.
  • PhotoMeets I’ve been attending meetings of the Seacoast Photographer’s group in Exeter and this is the site that hosts their site for coordinating meetings and posting sample images.
  • CPlusPlus The name says it all. Useful when I need something in particular. Not a daily visit though.

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