Working on May 2015 Disney Trip for Scrapping

Our last trip to Disney with our daughter before she joined the navy. This as a surprise trip that we added that year and was a whole lot of fun.

These are a few shots from a couple of days on that trip that I’ve post-processed while getting together pictures for Lorna’s scrapbooking.

Cruise – The view from the slip

Once we got on board I took my long lens to the upper deck and snapped whatever caught my attention. This gallery contains shots of the landscape. I’ll have another with the pelicans and birds  next. It seems that the pelicans have migrated down to the docks from the beach since our last cruise out of canaveral a couple of years ago.

Another Fine Plumbing Issue

When we came home there was a bit of water on the floor in the back basement. At the time I put it down to a big storm overwhelming my drain channel to the sump.

This evening I discovered otherwise…when then ran the water for our little master bathroom (presumably when they built the house) they used thin, curved water lines to get from the basement ceiling through to the walls to the second floor (there’s a pocket between the floor joists that is between the porch slab and the floor above that is very awkward to work in).

The cold water line developed a couple of leaks in the past and I’ve cut bits of it out and extended the half inch line that feeds it to compensate. This one (the hot) is a kicker though as the step down from half inch to the little stuff is further out and the leak is well inside the boxed in area.


This comes up into the front wall of the house in the entry way. I’m currently torn between salvaging the step-down (couldn’t buy new ones at home depot last time around so I reused the one I had) and then cutting the flex line above the leak and sweating it back together or hacking open the wall in the entry way and trying to re-fit this with a ninety degree elbow and in-line splice on up.

One is quicker if it works while the other seems like a better long term solution to the problem.

I’ll wind up deciding come morning….or if I try the quick route, reality may decide for me 🙂