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Photo Contest at Work…

Draeger is holding a photo contest so I’ve grabbed a few shots to run off 8×10 prints of to submit. There are six categories. I’ll probably submit a couple of shots in ‘places’, ‘things’ and ‘animals’ and skip ‘people’, ‘humor’ and ‘black and white’. I have some ‘leanings’ at the moment from the sets of shots I’ve printed, but until I see how they render I’m going to reserve final judgement.

I did leave things off till a bit late so I have to have my shots in by end of day on Friday and Sam’s Club is indicating they’ll be available a bit before noon on that day…

Here are the shots I’m looking at.




…and in the ‘not likely to be used’ but worth going through the process of selecting…



Black and White (not yet monochromatized here)

Still Post Processing Vacation Shots

I’m still working my way through the vacation shots I’ve got. Lots to go still but running faster than I generally have in the past. Partly pulling t his off because work is relatively quiet (no significant hours beyond 40 at least) and I’m pushing off home front sandbox engineering projects. Hoping that in a few more days I’ll have the shots done…then I’ll try to get back to posting sets up here.

I’m also going to try to put a bit of hierarchy in place with an overall vacation page linked to a page for each day with highlight shots for that day and then links down to chunks of the full shot sets for each day. It takes longer to sort things out to this level of detail, but in the end it makes for a better presentation.

Now for a small album of preview shots…