I’m on Instagram as kyleatninecrows but most of my photos are on this site at the moment…now wondering how to use the site at all as I can’t see any way to add photos.

I stayed away from photography until I bought my first digital camera. I knew I wasn’t going to be very good at taking pictures when I started and the idea of developing roll after roll of 35mm film to throw away most of the shots was unacceptable.

Being able to take pictures and look at them on a computer screen, experiment and learn as I went sucked me in rather quickly.

My first camera was a small, silver Olympus one-shot that took smart-media cards. It was a handy little camera with almost no user control on the shooting process. This served me well as I learned to get the content I wanted in my pictures. Eventually the slow focusing, poor low light performance and small card capacity made me move on.

I went through a Konica-Minolta Dimage-Z6 super zoom and then on into the world of SLRs. It was clear at the time that Canon and Nikon were the two big players. My initial choice of a Canon camera was pretty much a coin toss. I started with an EOS-40D, moved up to a 7D and then to the 5D mark III that I’m currently shooting with. Having committed to Canon EF and EF-S series lenses, that pretty much locks me out of the Nikon world. I’ve been very happy with my 5D and don’t expect to be changing my camera body any time soon.

Thoughts and Considerations…

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