Big Wind and Power Out Last Night

It was a blustery night last night. It looks as if the power went out well before dawn and was still off when I headed for work this morning.

I let Frito out and checked the yard. No damage from a cursory look around. The trim ring from my old Corolla that had been sitting on the trunk was about twenty feet from the car though. Called NPR to donate the old Corolla over the weekend. Need to find the keys before they come to take the thing…I’d have sworn they were just sitting on the desk…but they’re not readily to hand.

Finished updating my resume over the weekend. I think the new, slimmer for works pretty well (here). Not particularly worried about things at KMC (I think I deliver good value for money) but I’ve learned to keep things up to date and keep my profile up…who knows what might come along.

Mostly a weekend of working on the house (aside from the resume stuff). Patched the opening in the hall wall that I cut to fix a plumbing issue and taped and mudded the seams. Added another layer to the patch on the ceiling in the hall that didn’t turn out well when I first fixed it up. All of the sheetrock compound is still drying so I’ll probably sand things tonight (assuming that power is back on).

Still too much to learn on the software front 🙂 Got to get moving on the web/javascript/self-hosted side. Also want to knock the rust off my WPF as there is some work side tooling that would probably go together best using that sort of GUI front end.


A quick survey of cheap/free video editing software…

My sister is looking at getting more involved in the technical aspects of video and the web so I decided to take a quick lunch time look at editing software that is free or cheap for video.

I don’t currently do much video…mostly SLR grade still photography so this is a new are for me. I did find an interesting review of free-ish packages at techradar (from 2017 so pretty recent).

They point to:

I’ll look into these in a little more detail tonight and post what I see. I’m a windows and linux only site so I won’t be messing with any mac only packages.