Recentering and Moving Forward…

Just read the section of the Chronicles of Amber where Corwin is scribing a new pattern to memories of Paris and chestnut blossoms in spring. A wonderful passage that brings back memories of when I first read it back in high school.

Reading MySQL docs to put the next round of design details in place for the file archive management tool I’ve had on the back burner for some time now…this to be coded in C# as I’m about to be deeply involved in a C# based project at work starting next week.

I think I’ll take a walk around the block to enjoy the late fall air in a few minutes.

Later this afternoon I’ll be stringing Christmas lights on the house and perhaps helping my father in law buy a new water heater that I’ll install sometime soon.

What an interesting and wonderful life we live and it can be amazing how a bit of fiction can help to bring it all into focus.

Done with voting…

I just voted and my polling place was hopping with a line around the building.


It was wonderful to see so many citizens out at 7:00 in the morning to cast their ballots. Hoping that we’ll pick someone who will be good for the country and emphasize the best aspects of the America I believe I live in.


SFB in the near future…

I’ve now got a largely up to date star fleet battles set. I need to clear the table in the basement and run some battles through to refresh my memory of the rules and make sure I’m good with the current state of the game. Once that’s done I really need to find opponents…there’s a facebook feed for that so hopefully I’ll find someone in the local area.