Third day at my new job…

Got the basic on-boarding stuff completed and started assessing the things I need to wrap my arms around in order to be effective in the long term. Lots to still get on top of and lots to get done.

Very, very glad to have a job to do…I’m happier when I have things to get done and tools to do them with.

At this point I am the software engineering manager at Excelitas/Axum. While I have no direct reports I have lots of things to think about getting done 🙂 I expect that the reports may change but the lots of things is likely a permanent condition…and I like it that way.

I will certainly be happier and less stressed once I can feel as if I have my detailed goals and objectives in hand and have a better idea of what my priorities are. It is nice that I’m in a position to mostly ferret those out and define the path forward but until I know enough and have had the time to understand the people and the process needs here it feels a bit like walking a tightrope without a net…but I do know it will get better and sooner than I think so that is good 🙂

The commute isn’t bad so far and the people are great (if a bit busy at the end of the quarter). I’m mostly looking at making progress each day and building day after day until things are humming along…

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