Fun with Facebook Bans

My wife had her account hacked a while back. At 1 AM here someone guessed her password and appears to have hijacked the account and broken some of Facebook’s terms of service. In the morning when she was notified that something wasn’t right with her account we recovered the account and found a ban notice.

She followed the steps for appealing the ban (which seemed a bit scary as they involved sending facebook a picture of her driver’s license) and nothing much seemed to happen except that the lock-out page now said no appeal was possible.

We’ve been waiting now to see if the ban expires and she can get back on. I didn’t make a note of when this started because I expected the time to go by and everything to reset. It still hasn’t and facebook is notoriously unhelpful to those who use their service.

I’ve finally sent an email to which appears to be the email address for discussing disabled facebook accounts. Hoping this works and gets us some information on the state of affairs. I also saw that there is for information specifically related to appealing actions taken by facebook. If this email doesn’t get a response I may try that one next.

Frustrating that there seems to be so little access to feedback from facebook. Even more scary that if this happened to me I’d lose the ability to do much with my Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and have no easy way to figure out what was happening or how to make things right.