Long time no posts…

The site here has been quiet for some time. I really need to talk to GoDaddy and get my hosting migrated from the legacy unix hosting I’m on currently. The current version of PHP is not supported here so my wordpress version is locked down until I do that. I’ve been avoiding adding content so that I have less to lose the transition gets messed up. I backed the whole site up a few months back…

Still moving the network cryptography design forward at work. Many, many details to lock down and several teams to keep on track. Feedback is wonderful but making sure it all gets propagate to the right places is always challenging.

Started playing in a friend’s online D&D 5e game a few weeks back. Only been two session so far as scheduling has made it hard to get everyone online at the same time. This is a zoom and foundry virtual tabletop based game as the players are not co-located. So far the games have worked pretty well. I’d like a slicker virtual game system but the one we’re using is probably the best that can be found out there…not a lot of money in building such things I expect.

It has been a long time since I played in a game and still pretty long since I’ve run one (3.5e last time around). I have been watching some YouTube pieces by Seth Skorkowsky that have me thinking I’d love to try some Traveller SF gaming or Call of Cthulhu. I used to do lots of board wargaming and tended to avoid combat light games with more investigation and less fighting but I’m intrigued after seeing his descriptions of running these. Who knows, perhaps some day 🙂

I’ve been bringing my C# up to date with some tool code for home projects lately. That should also flow into working with Unity once I get back to VR coding again. For now I’m just working on my command of modern C# idiom and best practices while coding up some tools to help manage my photography and other archives using a MongoDb back-end to locate duplicates and ensure I have the right number of backup copies for things.

I’ve tended to dump snapshots of important data on a new large hard drive periodically. This leaves me with (probably) far more duplicate backups of some things and perhaps too few of others. Building some code to scan the file systems and record file paths and cryptographic hashes for everything should allow me to locate duplicates and clean things up a bit. Hoping I end up with gobs of free space when I’m done. Worst case I polish my C# a bit and have some handy tools when I’m done.

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