Still colder than April should be…

…but at least there isn’t any snow.

Looking to be another busy week. Still wrapping up the stray ends of my previous program and working to get up to speed on my new one. Vacation coming up soon (couple of weeks till May 7) and many things on my plate to learn along the way.

Saw my sister Erika over the weekend at her friend Jeff’s place. She’s heading out for a road trip to LA soon and we wanted to hang out a bit before she heads off. Should be quite an adventure…hoping things go well for her there and she finds what she’s looking for.

Still reading lots of java spring material. I need to get this to a point where I know enough to start framing out a sandbox project to play with soon. I’m looking at a small JVM based windows service with a restful back-end and probably a small web-UI. Something interesting enough but within reasonable size.

I didn’t finish up the fish-extender hanger on Sunday so I’ll have to wrap that up tonight. I need to add faces to the Stitch and Cheshire heads, glue the mickeys to the end of the bar and then seal-coat the lot. The two character heads can be screwed to the bar after that is done to secure the hanging part to the bar.

Still feeling a bit pressed…so much to get done and so many things on the plate to learn at the moment. Good problems to have (boredom is a far worse place to be) but still leaving me a bit stretched…


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